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Chris Romero is a recognized SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Actor, Producer, and a Photographer with a love for creating corporate style and documentary videos that can create impact and awake a zeal for more.

Chris is known for his use of advanced reputation engineering to help brands and political candidates who are modern and inclusive sustain and grow their online reputation.

As an actor and producer, he is known for his commendable work in Warehouse Asylum (2008), As an Act of Protest (2002), and X’s & O’s (2007). Being a forever student of photography and cinematography Chris is always keen to take on any challenge.


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In the field of Acting Romero’s have a class of their own. Cesar Romero has led the industry for over 6 decades and gave many masterpieces. I am in line to make a history of my own in a brief yet very promising career as an Actor and Producer I have done Warehouse Asylum (2008), As an Act of Protest (2002), and X’s & O’s (2007). The knack for acting and the production of masterpieces is genuine and I am not going down without doing more justice to it.


The world is but a canvas for Imagination. Drones are changing the World. So, I have decided to fly with it. For several years now I have been able to mold my instincts and love for cinematography into professional photography and filmmaking. I can make exceptional creative, corporate style, or documentary videos that can reshape your career or brand once and for all. I use the latest technology to shoot animated videos, social media content, marketing videos, and even podcasts to get you outstanding results.


When it comes to online presence and digital marketing everything starts with SEO. I have been working as an Online Reputation Manager and Entity SEO specialist for 10 Years now. Been a part of top Reputation Management Firms like In my 10 years career in SEO, I have done extensive link building, technical SEO, and e-commerce SEO working primarily in WordPress, Magento, and Shopify.

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