This is the Real Chris Romero

Actor | Photographer | ENTREPRENEUR

When it comes to acting Romeros are natural at it. It flows through the blood and I am just trying to play my part to continue the legacy and take it a step further. Like the Romeros of past I am also a multi-faceted artist who creates meaningful and jolly pieces of art through my Acting, Production, and Writing.
In times of shilly shallyness when everything is muddy and people are hesitant to laugh or have a good gathering, my goal is to bring back laughter and meaningfulness to life with the help of my work. As an Actor and a Producer, I believe that a curious nature and an eccentric mind equate to an imaginative artist. I have a strong belief that theory and practice aren’t mutually exclusive, they inform and form one another. My life as an artist and a comedian has been devoted to laughter, meaningfulness, and creativity. I consider that talent, stagecraft, and creativity creates a holistic relationship which is a benchmark for producing and directing masterpieces. To learn is to train; there isn’t any substitute for that.
I am a forever student of cinematography and theatre. I want my work in both fields to bring laughter and joy to the faces of those who love art and illuminate paths for those who endeavor. I feel that the opportunity and responsibility I have as a citizen artist is boundless and I should create work that connects the audience and fill their life with meaning and ecstasy.


The following are recent acting projects in which I have been involved:


Original title  : On the Move (Table Read)
TV Movie . 2021 . 1h 5m

Mario, a kindhearted shop owner, seeks to prosper and leave behind the memories from his ex, in vain - All goes to hell when his recurrent dreams affect his reality and threaten his very life.

Director  France
Writer    France
Stars        Eduardo José Paco Mateo  .  Patrick Cusick  . Johnny Ramirez

Return of the Moonwalker

Count Cagliostro, a time-traveling sorcerer masquerading as the emcee of a "punk circus" in Berlin, raises Michael Jackson from the dead to start a global revolution.

Director  Mike Maria
Writer    Mike Maria
Stars       Nick Andrews  .  Nouk Baudrot  . Claudine Biswas-MacKenzie

Emerald Lagoon

2011  .  1h  10m


When micro scientist Dr. Connors and his assistant, Libby Myers, are discovered missing from the small Everglades community of Emerald Lagoon, Libby's father becomes concerned and tries to find Roland, a local fishing guide, to search for her.

Director  Bob Bragg
Writer    J. Stanford Anderson . Bob Bragg . Kameron Devine
Stars      Keely Allen  .  Randy Allen  . Rick Johns

Damned Hippies

2009 . 24m

What happens when those 'Damned Hippies' come over from some wine, cheese, and a game of Scattagories?

Director  Ryan Faust
Writer    Ryan Faust  (Story) . Jyl Freeman  (Story) . Orson Orson  (Story)
Stars      Whitney Melton  .  Jessica Ryan  . Daniel Findlay

Dreamer: On The Move - Table Read

TV Movie  .  2021  .  1h  5m 

Director  France
Writer    France
Stars        Eduardo José Paco Mateo  .  Patrick Cusick  . Johnny Ramirez